Vistalem - Living Campaign

The world of Vistalem will be where this living campaign takes place. A living campaign is one where time advances even when you are not playing. As time passes in the real world so will it in game. Another difference is that this campaign has no set parties and features a large number of players and characters. So how does that work? Alot of the structure has been pulled from a west marches style game so I will put what sets this style of game apart, here

1. There is no regular time: every session will be scheduled with players as there is DM availablity.

2. There was no regular party the last campaign we had up to 15 players over the span and 25-30 characters.

3. There is no one over arching plot: The players decide where to go and what to do. Stories will emerge for your character as you play them and the world will have threads you can follow. Explore and do quests that interest your character! Each session is made to be self contained and you will be back at the safety of a town at the end of one. (There may be some exceptions to this but more on that later)

The Setting

Vistalem is a varied land broken into six distinct regions. While distinct in geography, the people those in control and those not are truly what sets each apart. In some places; the old ways still reign supreme in others strange new machinations have begun to appear! Turmoil, opportunity, and adventure await in this land. The lore of the primal lines says that the very land is but the corpse of a long dead titan, but only the gods truly know. In this document you can learn a little bit about the six different regions and where you might like to begin your adventure. As you play you will be able to travel and adventure in all the regions if you wish.

The world will very much encourage living off of it and exploration, so buying magic items and a large stream of gold will not come easy. However there will be a harvesting and crafting system in place to create magical items that you desire or suit your character; you can find links to Hamunds guides in the sidebar. And of course there is defintely wonderous things to find out in the world